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How to Free Yourself from Financial Stress and More...

Nothing works for long without strategic planning.

The best way to deal with a crisis is to see the hidden
opportunity in the crisis.

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Once we follow a proven strategy, we have a higher chances of being financially free sooner than we think.
If we desire to be free, we can achieve it with determination, commitment, focus and hard work!

Don't let fear hold us back and imprison us.

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More business to review...
Biz #1

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Secret for Longevity

BioLumina and Consciousness - Quantum Infusion

There are many excellent articles on the physical attributes of Spirulina. At this time I wish to speak about the vibrational side of what we know is the most potent and high-vibrational version of Spirulina available: BioLumina.

Spirulina is a very direct way to put light into the human body. It has an extremely high photosynthesis rate, making us into super-humans! We become our own energy generating plant!

Eating BioLumina Spirulina is like putting a high powered flashlight in your body and shinning it on all that is not working, bringing it to the surface for healing… Sunlight does that, and Spirulina is pure light, transformed into pigments. BioLumina Spirulina has 20% or more of the pigment Phycocyanin, one of the rarest and highest vibration pigments known. This is generally 3 to 5 times as much as any Spirulina on the market today. Recent research shows that Phycocyanin is one of the strongest boosters of our immune system, supporting the body to create stem cells which are usable in every part of the body.

Spirulina can clean the air by absorbing toxins (BioLumina is grown in a pristine environment; not true for most Spirulina), it generates lots of oxygen (algae produces more oxygen than trees), feeding our natural environment.


Spirulina invokes in us the ability to always move up into higher realms of consciousness, or down if we make choices that are not in alignment with our souls.

BioLumina Spirulina is also the only Spirulina in the world which has the added benefits of our vibrational technology called Quantum Infusion, which uses high-tech equipment to strengthen our energy body through the meridian system. In terms of vibration, (and vibration is everything), BioLumina is one of the most ideal foods nature offers to support our overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

 Go here to learn more... and an icome is possible also.

Biz #4

 Educational Health site...
Pandemic information and how to protect yourself...
Eliminate any illness...
An Educational Health site where people attain SUCCESS in Maintaining Health, Eliminating Health Challenges & Enhanced Athletic Performance...
Proven Solutions To Reclaim Our Health...
Health is Not a Matter of Chance... Just a Matter of Choice...!!!
Maintain Health -- Athletic Performance -- Eliminating Any Health Challenge -- Proven RESULTS...!!!
 What Do We Do...??? Health Research -- Health Consultation -- Eliminate Any Illness -- Superb Success -- Proven Results...
Visit our Educational Health site...


  Strongest man in the world. Kim does rafting excursions in Banff and the Himalayas.                                                              Takes 70 pounds of Avena products on his rafting excursions.

Not All Supplements are Created Equal – As shocking as this may sound, it is true… unless the supplements we consume are regulatory compliant and independently lab tested, we have no real way of knowing what is in the container. At Avena Originals, we are all about quality, honesty and integrity. And when it comes to the delivery of nutrients, our body has the final say. This is why the most expensive supplements are those that might not work, or even worse, those that do more harm than good.
100 % Pure Products of Nature & 100% Vegan Friendly
Our products are designed according to “The Laws of Nature” with nothing added, nothing taken away. What this means is our products are bio-available, synergistically compatible with our body and ultimately Electrically Available®. This is the foundation of our success. Here is why… Essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes are required for our survival. But certain laws of nature play an essential part in the delivery of nutrients. If you are at all health conscious, one of the most important “Laws of Nature” we need to understand is that… “our body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, and to utilize minerals, our body needs utilizable proteins, but to absorb proteins, our body needs enzymes”!
Most people who supplement are starting at the wrong end of the scale, because it all starts with “enzymes”. And this is why our products bring results! At Avena Originals, we formulate according to nature and we do not cut corners. Quality comes first!

Free from Binders, Toxic Fillers, Extenders & Excipients – And no isolates as the body does not necessarily recognize isolates. For the vast majority of companies, profit is the bottom line. So we get what we pay for. Cheap supplements often contain less effective, low-end ingredients to keep product prices l ow, increasing consumer demand for their products while boosting profit margins.
The end result of cheap supplements is typically low potency and potential toxicity. Regardless of the marketing hype, many supplements on the market are often completely unnecessary – some have even been proven to produce health risks. But at AvenaOriginals, we start by using only the highest quality ingredients. We understand the potential for supplements to be treated as a toxin by the body and as such we pride ourselves in providing only the purest products of nature!
Our best insurance is to take a more holistic or whole body approach to our health. We need to be sure that the supplements we consume will feed our whole body the way nature intended — this is the way all products bearing the Avena Originals label are formulated. In fact, the leading researchers from around the world are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for our hundred trillion cells. The health of our body is largely tied to the health of our cells and not our DNA! Our DNA is merely a blueprint. It does not build, nor does it destroy. Our DNA is our blueprint to be our very best!

We Strive to Educate! – The original saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” is what we are all about. This is why our skilled management team and staff invest our days working together as a team to help protect your investment – your health! At Avena Originals, we strive to educate our members in matters of natural health and wellness helping our members to be more passionate about a better quality of life, to do more, feel better and live longer without pain, misery and illness!

Products in the categories of – ‘Clean the Body’. ‘Feed the Body’, ‘Raw Super Foods’, ‘Essential Oils’, ‘Hair & Body Care’, ‘Pet Nutrition’ (same as for humans), ‘Special Resource Materials’, ‘Raw Recipes’, and much more…

 Avena Originals is a direct marketing health company that pays referral rebates.

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS 250-220-1262  
Follow our Educational Health site...  
  Powerful Educational and  Product site: 
   Click on tab... FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

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Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS 250-220-1262 Powerful Educational Health and cancer site:  
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Visit our... Educational Health site:
Our powerful Educational product site...
Cancer site and more health info here...

Request our 'Educational Health' package... 250-220-1262 100,000 dis-eases and no solutions...Get Educated in Your Health

What you will find on the blog…
    This is just a few items but more is on the site... do a search for much more...
Educate Yourself for 'Ideal' Health-- Be Free of illness and dis-ease...!!!
  • Probiotics – What the Gut? webinar... 
  • Powerful Proteolytic Probiotics
  • My battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer... video
  • Michael OBrian Tells Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story... video
  • Completely Reverses Diabetes
  • Excluse Abvantage to Join as a Member — A Profit Sharing Opportunity… Share with others and earn an income…
  • Protocol For Maintaining Superb Health and Eliminating any Illness
  • What We Do in Wellness — Athletic Performance — Dis-ease Elimination and to Help Create Wealth…
  • Why Are There 100,000 Diseases and No Cures
  • Plant enzymes vs pancreatic enzymes…
  • Death-bed cancer to cancer — free in 60 days
  • How I had Victory over MS and cancer…
  • NEW - Ultra Powerful Enzymes & Proteolytic Probiotics…
  • Enzymes are our LifeForce..
  • 'OXYSILVER' Saves Lives…
  • Testimonials of Some ‘Miraculous’ Transformations
  • Cancer is NOT a Disease – It is a Survival Mechanism…
  • From cancer & MS to Perfect Health…
  • Cancer-Free in 60 days…
  • World Renowned Health Educator…
  • A diagnosis is a call for action… Victory over… multiple myeloma, enlarged prostate, anemia, highblood pressure, breast cancer, diabetes, energy enhanced, arthritis disappeared…
  • Secret government documents reveal vaccines to be a total hoax…
  • Friendly Flora – Amazingly Powerful Probiotic…
  • Vaccines – Are they safe???
  • Uprooting the Leading Cause of Death – a must watch video… Aug. 2012 -posting…
  • Protein: What's All the Hype About…
  • Why We Age… July 2012 posting
  • Testimonials...
  • What Makes “Avena Originals” – ORIGINAL
  • Plus much more...

You can maintain 'Ideal'health, prevent and eliminate ANY health challenge… and stay youthful well into your GOLDEN years.
Help yourself and others attain 'Ideal' Health and be 'HIGHLY REWARDED'...!!!

Join as a member and receive many benefits... Newsletters, discounts, rebates, shares...                     Nothing cures anything                                                                                                                 
Supply the body with the proper tools (nutrients) and the body will heal itself...

Biz #5

If you had to use just one product... This is the ONE...!!!

Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health.

It is for everyone seeking a higher quality and concentration of antioxidants in their diet.
Too often we forget that beauty goes beyond skin deep.

Beauty starts from the inside.

It begins with the right diet, the right exercise, and now the right supplement.

Visit the site:


Some of the benefits of Fountain of Life..
Cancer – Diabetes – Hair Growth - Heart Health - Hormone Balance –
Immunity – Mental/Brain Health – Pet Health - Sunburn - Weight Loss –

Cutting edge product lines
--An OPULENT lifestyle --International opportunity
Products page:
Share the products – EARN an income –
Possible to EARN $1,000 - $2,500 - $5,000 in the next 30 days...